Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 17th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics which will be held at the Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. from 20 to 26 August, 2015

The conference is organized by the Faculty of Physics of the Moscow State University and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) in cooperation with Institute for Nuclear Research (Moscow), Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Dmitry ZiminDynasty Foundation, Interregional Centre for Advanced Studies, and Bruno Pontecorvo Neutrino and Astrophysics Laboratory (MSU).



The Lomonosov Conferences bring together about 300 theorists and experimentalists to review the present status and future prospects in elementary particle physics. The programme of the 17th Lomonosov Conference will include:


Electroweak Theory, Tests of Standard Model and Beyond,


Neutrino Physics, Astroparticle Physics,


Gravitation and Cosmology,


Developments in QCD (Perturbative and Non-Perturbative Effects),


Heavy Quark Physics,


Physics at the Future Accelerators.



The 17th Lomonosov Conference will be opened on August 20, 2015 at the Faculty of Physics of the Moscow State University 

The working time of the conference is distributed among three types of talks:


--- Review Talks (25 min) that will be held on the morning sessions of the conference,

--- Session Reports (20 min) in the afternoon,

--- Brief Reports (15 min) in the afternoon,

--- Special Sessions of short presentations (5-10 min) is also planned for the


 The year 2015 has been claimed by the United Nations the Year of Light. This year spans several major scientific anniversaries to be celebrated, in particular, of the electromagnetic theory of light propagation proposed by Maxwell (1865), the Einsteins theory of the photoelectric effect (1905) and general relativity (1915), and the discovery of the cosmic microwave background by Penzias and Wilson (1965). We will join the celebration with a special Round Table discussion on Particle Physics in the Year of Light: Maxwells equations to physics beyond the Standard Model to be held at the conference.

As it was for the previous conferences of this series, the proceedings of the 17th Lomonosov Conference will be published as a book by World Scientific Publ. Co., Singapore.


By the tradition that has started from 1995, the Lomonosov Conferences on particle physics are accompanying by the conferences on problems of intellectuals. The 11th International Meeting on Problems of Intellectuals will be held during the 17th Lomonosov Conference on August 26, 2015. All interested persons are invited to propose their individual talks and also to participate in discussions that will be held during the meeting.


   How to get the Russian entrance visa

Interested persons are kindly asked to make registration to attend the conference (to fill in and send to the Organizing Committee the Application Form). This can be done directly from our web site (English_conferences_17LomCon) or by e-mail to the Conference organizers.

Using this information the Organizing Committee initiates preparation of the official invitation letters for participants and accompanying persons that should use to get the Russian entrance visas.


Accommodation in the conference hotel

The organizers of the conference will provide accommodation of foreign participants and guests and make the corresponding reservation at the conference hotel that is within 15 min walking to the conference site.

The name of the hotel is:

Hotel Universitetskaya

8/29, MichurinskyProspekt

119192, Moscow, Russia

phone: (007-499) 147-79-62.


How to reach the conference site from the hotel

The scheme of how to reach the conference site from the hotel can be easily found in internet

There will be also the conference bus transportation for participants from

the hotel to the conference site each morning of the conference

working days.


        We should be very grateful if you could inform your collaborators and colleagues who might be interested in attending the meeting.


Sincerely yours,


Alexander Studenikin,                                    




Riccardo Fabbricatore

Oleg Kharlanovand

Alexey Lokhov 

Scientific Secretaries




Department of Theoretical Physics

Moscow State University

119991 Moscow, Russia

phone (007-495) 939-16-17

fax (007-495) 932-88-20