"The Intelligentsia and Ideology"

Moscow State University, Moscow, 22 – 28 August, 2013

Under the Patronage of the Rector                                                 Dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of
of the Moscow State University                                                                                      Faculty of Physics
Victor Sadovnichy                                                                                             of Moscow State University


International Advisory Committee

E.Akhmedov (Max Planck, Heidelberg), S.Belyaev (Kurchatov Inst., Moscow), V.Belokurov (MSU), V.Berezinsky (GSSI/LNGS, INFN), S.Bilenky (JINR, Dubna), J.Bleimaier (Princeton), M.Danilov (ITEP, Moscow), G.Diambrini-Palazzi (Univ. of Rome), A.Dolgov  (INFN, Ferrara & ITEP, Moscow), N.Fornengo (University of Torino & INFN),  C.Giunti  (INFN, Turin), M.Itkis (JINR, Dubna), V.Kadyshevsky (JINR, Dubna), A.Logunov (IHEP, Protvino), A.Masiero  (INFN, Padua), V.Matveev (INR, Moscow), L.Okun (ITEP, Moscow), M.Panasyuk (MSU), V.Rubakov (INR, Moscow), D.Shirkov (JINR, Dubna), J.Silk  (Univ. of Oxford), A.Skrinsky (INP, Novosibirsk), A.Slavnov (MSU & Steklov Math. Inst.), A.Smirnov (ICTP, Trieste & INR, Moscow), P.Spillantini (INFN, Florence), A.Starobinsky (Landau Inst., Moscow), N.Sysoev (MSU)

Organizing Committee

A.Badanov (MSU), V.Bagrov (Tomsk Univ.), I.Balantsev (MSU), V.Bednyakov (JINR, Dubna), V.Braginsky (MSU), A.Egorov (ICAS), D.Galtsov (MSU), A.Grigoriev (MSU), A.Kataev (INR, Moscow), O.Kharlanov (MSU), Yu.Kudenko (INR), A.Lokhov (MSU) – scientific secretary, V.Mikhailin (MSU & ICAS), N.Nikiforova (MSU), A.Nikishov (Lebedev Phys. Inst., Moscow), V.Ritus (Lebedev Phys. Inst., Moscow), M.Polyakova (ICAS), Yu.Popov (MSU), Yu.Rodina (MSU), V.Savrin (MSU), A.Studenikin (MSU &  ICAS) – chairman, I.Tokarev (MSU) – scientific secretary


Organizers and Sponsors

Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Ministry of Education and Science of Russia
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Dmitry Zimin “Dynasty” Foundation
Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University
Institute for Nuclear Research of Russian Academy of Sciences
Bruno Pontecorvo Neutrino and Astrophysics Laboratory (MSU)
Interregional Center for Advanced Studies


Programme of the 16th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics
/duration of 25 (20/15) min talks includes 5 (3) minutes for discussion/


22 August, Thursday 
The birth centenary of Bruno Pontecorvo


08.00 – 09.00        Registration (Auditorium 1-31, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University)

09.00 – 09.30        Opening (Conference Hall)

Alexander Studenikin, Chairman of Organizing Committee, MSU & JINR
Vladimir Podolsky, Vice Rector of MSU
Andrey Fedyanin, Vice Dean of Faculty of Physics, MSU
Victor Matveev, Director of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna

09.30 – 13.20         MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Victor Matveev

09.30 Z. Xing (Chinese Academy of Sciences) From lepton flavor mixing to neutrino-antineutrino oscillations (25 min)
09.55 M. Pallavicini (Univ. & INFN, Genova) Neutrinos from the Sun and from the Earth: what we understood in the last ten years (25 min)
10.20 A. Bettini (Canfranc Underground Lab.) Are neutrinos completely neutral particles? (25 min)
10.45 M. Goodman (Argonne) Neutrino physics in 2020 (25 min)

11.10 – 11.40      Tea break

Chairman: Robert Shrock
11.40 S.-B. Kim (Seoul National Univ.) Review on measurements of θ13 (25 min)
12.05 Y. Suzuki (Kamioka Observatory, ICRR, Tokyo Univ.) Super-Kamiokande experiment (25 min)
12.30 M. Malek (Imperial College London) Recent results from T2K (25 min)
12.55 T. Lasserre (CEA, Saclay) The reactor anomaly and its testing with high intensity neutrino generators (25 min)

13.20 – 15.00         Lunch

15.00 – 19.25         AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Alexander Cheplakov

15.00 R. St. Denis (Glasgow Univ.) Higgs at ATLAS (25 min)
15.25 S. Choudhury (DESY, Hamburg) Higgs Boson at the CMS experiment (25 min)
15.50 A. Slavnov (Steklov Math. Inst. & MSU) Quantization of non-abelian gauge fields beyond perturbation theory (25 min)

16.15 – 16.45         Tea break

Chairman: Yury Kudenko

16.45 S. Wojcicki (Stanford Univ.) Results from MINOS (25 min)
17.10 A. Ereditato (Bern Univ.) Liquid argon TPCs for future neutrino oscillation experiments (25 min)
17.35 A. Rubbia (ETH, Zurich) LAGUNA/LBNO project (25 min)
18.00 J. Urheim (Indiana Univ.) Status and outlook for LBNE (25 min)
18.25 The movie
«Maksimovic. The Story of Bruno Pontecorvo»
Original idea and screenplay:                 Historical research:              Directed by:
Giuseppe Mussardo                                 Luisa Bonolis                         Diego Cenetiempo

 19.30 – 23.30         SPECIAL SESSION (40 0)
Reception banquet will be held on board of a ship that will stream along the river across the central part of Moscow; the conference buses to the ship will depart from the entrance of the Faculty of Physics at 19.30


23 August, Friday


09.00 – 13.30         MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Matthew Malek

09.00 S. Kabana (SUBATECH and Nantes Univ.) Highlights from the STAR experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) (20 min)
09.20 I. Meshkov (JINR) NICA project at JINR (25 min)
09.45 T. Nilsson (Chalmers Univ. of Techn.) The FAIR facility (25 min)
10.10 D. Lhuillier (CEA, Saclay) Reactor neutrinos: status of predicted spectra and review of sterile neutrino searches at very short baselines (25 min)
10.35 I. Machulin (Kurchatov Inst.) SOX project: short distance neutrino oscillations with Borexino (20 min)

10.55 – 11.20         Tea break

Chairman: Jon Urheim

11.20 N. Kitagawa (Nagoya Univ.) The OPERA experiment, analysis status and recent results on muon-neutrino to electron-neutrino oscillations (20 min)
11.40 S. Dmitrievsky (JINR) Status and updated results of the OPERA experiment search for muon-neutrino to tau-neutrino oscillations (20 min)
12.00 F. Varanini (INFN, Padova) ICARUS Status Report (20 min)
12.20 V. Kravtsov (South. Methodist Univ.) Neutrino oscillation physics at the NOvA experiment (20 min)
12.40 S. Grullon (Pennsylvania Univ.) Status of the SNO+ Experiment (25 min)
13.05 S. Turck-Chieze (CEA, Saclay) Solar neutrinos and helioseismology (25 min)

13.30 – 15.00         Lunch

15.00 – 19.15         AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Yoichiro Suzuki

15.00 A. Dolgov (INFN, Ferrara) Light millicharged particles and large scale cosmic magnetic fields (20 min)
15.20 D. Medvedev (JINR) Upper bound on neutrino magnetic moment (20 min)
15.40 V. Sinev (INR RAS) News from the Double Chooz experiment (20 min)
16.00 A. Barabash (ITEP) Review of double beta decay experiments (25 min)
16.25 F. Piquemal (CNRS, LSM) NEMO3 results and status of SuperNEMO (25 min)
16.50 L. Bezrukov (INR RAS) GERDA experiment - results and status (20 min)

17.10 – 17.35         Tea break

Chairman: Henry Wong

17.35 L. Bornschein (Karlsruhe Inst. of Techn.) Status of KATRIN (20 min)
17.55 R. Cerulli (INFN-LNGS) Recent results on the searches for double beta decay processes with scintillators and pure samples (20 min)
18.15 J. Shirai (Tohoku Univ.) The status of KamLAND-Zen for neutrinoless double beta decayof 136Xe (20 min)
18.35 V. Belov (ITEP, MEPhI) Recent results from EXO-200 (20 min)
18.55 V. Duk (INFN, Perugia) Recent results from NA62 (20 min)

19.30 – 22.30         Sight-seeing bus excursion in Moscow

24 August, Saturday


09.00 – 13.35         MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Mario Greco

09.00 D. Veberic (Nova Gorica Univ.) Highlights from the Pierre Auger Observatory (20 min)
09.20 V. Berezinsky (GSSI/LNGS, INFN) Status of ankle in UHECR (25 min)
09.45 I. Moskalenko (Stanford Univ.) Fermi at Five - Some highlights from Fermi Large Area Telescope (20 min)
10.05 J. Lavalle (Montpellier Univ.) GeV-TeV galactic cosmic rays (25 min)
10.30 G. Vasileiadis (Montpellier II Univ.) Status of the H.E.S.S. telescope (20 min)
10.50 A. Morselli (INFN of Roma Tor Vergata) Search for dark matter in the Sky with ongoing and planned experiment (25 min)

11.15 – 11.40             Tea break

Chairman: Pasquale Di Bari

11.40 R. Sparvoli  (INFN & Univ. of Rome-2) Recent results from the space experiment PAMELA (25 min)
12.05 R. Battiston (Trento Univ.) Recent results from the AMS experiment on the International Space Station (25 min)
12.30 R. Bernabei (INFN & Univ. of Rome-2) New results from DAMA/LIBRA (25 min)
12.55 F. Reindl (MPI, Munich) Status update on the CRESST Dark Matter search (20 min)
13.15 A. Kish (Zurich Univ.) Dark Matter searches with the XENON experiment (20 min)

13.35 – 15.00             Lunch

15.00 – 18.25         AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Alexander Zakharov

15.00 N. Fornengo (Univ. & INFN, Torino) Multiwavelength and multimessenger signals of dark matter (25 min)
15.25 F. Frasconi (INFN, Pisa) Advanced VIRGO interferometer: a second generation detector for Gravitational Waves observation (20 min)
15.45 M. Branchesi (Urbino Univ. & INFN, Florence) Electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave transients (25 min)
16.10 J. Harms (INFN, Florence) Innovative technologies for the gravitational-wave detectors LIGO and Virgo (25 min)
16.35 C. Spiering (DESY, Zeuthen) High energy neutrino astrophysics: latest results and future prospects (25 min)

17.00 – 17.25             Tea break

Chairman: Nicolao Fornengo
17.25 H. Wong (Academia Sinica) Low energy neutrino and Dark Matter physics with sub-keV germanium detectors (20 min)
17.45 G. Fiorillo (Univ. Federico II & INFN, Naples) The DarkSide program (20 min)
18.05 S. Demidov (INR RAS) Dark Matter searches at Baksan underground scintillator telescope (20 min)

25 August, Sunday


9.00 – 19.00               Bus excursion to Sergiev Posad

26 August, Monday


09.00 – 13.35         MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Carlo Giunti

09.00 A. Zakharov (ITEP) The Galactic Center as a laboratory for alternative theories of gravity and new physics (20 min)
09.20 P. Di Bari (Southampton Univ.) Leptogenesis and low energy neutrino data (25 min)
09.45 T. Weiler (Vanderbilt Univ.) Broken νµ-ντ symmetry and cosmic neutrino flavor ratios (20 min)
10.05 S. Pakvasa (Hawaii Univ.) Depletion of high energy astrophysics muon-neutrinos (20 min)
10.25 J.-P. Chieze (CEA, Saclay) A new mechanism for the deflagration to detonation transition in Type Ia supernovae (15 min)
10.40 S. Mandal (Asia Pacific Center For Theor. Phys.) Correlation of linear quasar polarization: ALPs revisited (20 min)

11.00 – 11.25             Tea break

Chairman: Nicolao Fornengo

11.25 M. Yokoyama (Tokyo Univ.) Hyper-Kamiokande project (25 min)
11.50 Zh. A.-M. Dzhilkibaev (INR RAS) Status of the BAIKAL-GVD Project (20 min)
12.10 J. Brunner (CPPM, Marseille) Neutrino telescopes as targets for LBL neutrino beams (25 min)
12.35 I. Shakiryanova (INR RAS) Present status of LVD (15 min)
12.50 N. Mankoc Borstnik (Ljubljana Univ.) Do we have the explanation for the families and their properties, for the scalar Higgs and Yukawa couplings and for the gauge vector fields? (25 min)
13.15 A. Damanik (Sanata Dharma Univ.) µ-τ Symmetry, nonzero θ13, and CP violation (20 min)

13.35 – 15.00             Lunch
15.00 – 18.35         AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Richard St. Denis

15.00 L. Piilonen (Virginia Tech.) Recent results from Belle (25 min)
15.25 A. Kupsc (Uppsala Univ.) The KLOE-2 talk (20 min)
15.45 P. Lukin (Budker Inst. of Nucl. Phys., Novosibirsk) Recent results from CMD-3 detector (20 min)
16.05 V. Golubev (Budker Inst. of Nucl. Phys., Novosibirsk) Recent BaBar results on rare B decays, CP- and T-violation (20 min)
16.25 K. Lipka (DESY) HERA measurements of proton structure and implication for the LHC (for H1 and ZEUS collaborations) (20 min)

16.45 – 17.10             Tea break

Chairman: Norma Mankoc Borstnik

17.10 R. Shrock (Stony Brook Univ.) Higher-loop calculations of UV to IR evolution of gauge theories and remarks on neutrino properties (25 min)
17.35 V. Belokurov (MSU) Quantum restoration of broken symmetries (20 min)
17.55 A. Shabad (Lebedev Phys. Inst.) Nonlinear corrections to basic problems of electro- and magneto-statics with and without external field (20 min)
18.15 A. Singh (LNMIIT) A Field Theory perspective on Dark Energy and the spherically symmetric gravitational collapse of Dark Energy field configurations (20 min)

17.10 – 18.40         Parallel Session 1 (Room 5-19)

Chairman: Oleg Kharlanov

17.10 K. Stepanyantz (MSU) The renomalization scheme producing the NSVZ beta-function for N=1 SQED regularized by higher derivatives (15 min)
17.25 A. Nesterenko (JINR) Hadronic vacuum polarization function in the framework of dispersive approach to QCD (15 min)
17.40 A. Aparin (JINR) Self-similarity of high-pT cumulative hadron production in pA collisions (15 min)
17.55 O. Kharlanov (MSU) Peculiar seasoning in the neutrino day-night asymmetry: where and when to look for spices? (15 min)
18.10 P. Sizin (MSMU) Plasmon decay to a neutrino pair via neutrino electromagnetic moments in a strongly magnetized medium (15 min)
18.25 K. Zhukovsky (MSU) Planar undulator performance and harmonic generation in a constant magnetic field (15 min)

 17.10 – 18.40        Parallel Session 2 (Room 5-42)

Chairman: Alexey Lokhov

17.10 D. Galtsov (MSU) Inflation without scalar fields (20 min)
17.30 V. Dokuchaev (INR RAS) Spin of the supermassive black hole in the Galactic center (20 min)
17.50 E. Arbuzova (Dubna Univ. & NSU) Modified gravity and gravitational repulsion (15 min)
18.05 A. Burinskii (NSI RAS) Complexification as alternative to higher dimensions: N = 2 string as a complex source of Kerr geometry (20 min)
18.25 M. Fil’chenkov(People’ Friendship Univ. of Russia) Particle accretion onto miniholes (15 min)

27 August, Tuesday


09.00 – 13.30         MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Savely Karshenboim

09.00 M. Saleem (Oklahoma Univ.) Overview of ATLAS results(25 min)
09.25 L. Benucci (Ghent Univ.) Top quark physics at the CMS (20 min)
09.45 Th. Neep (Manchester Univ.) Top physics with ATLAS (20 min)
10.05 J. Price (Liverpool Univ.) Higgs searches with ATLAS (20 min)
10.25 A. Mohammadi (Libre de Bruxelles Univ.) Search for the standard model Higgs boson decaying to a pair of taus at CMS (20 min)

10.45 – 11.20         Tea break

Chairman: Muhammad Saleem

11.20 I. Gorbunov (JINR) Measurement of the Drell-Yan differential cross-section and forward-backward asymmetry in pp collisions at 7 TeV with the CMS detector (20 min)
11.40 I. Chalupkova (Charles Univ., Prague) Heavy flavour physics with ATLAS (20 min)
12.00 L. Pernie (Libre de Bruxelles Univ.) ZZ cross section measurements and limits on anomalous coupling constants for neutral triple gauge boson (20 min)
12.20 A. Tykhonov (Jozef Stefan Inst.) Exotics searches with ATLAS (15 min)
12.35 M. Hamer (Goettingen Georg-August-Univ.) SUSY searches with ATLAS (15 min)
12.50 T. Reis (Libre de Bruxelles Univ.) Searches for new massive resonances decaying to leptons at CMS (20 min)

13.10 – 15.00         Lunch

15.00 – 18.50         AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Maury Goodman
15.00 L. Lambourne (Univ. College, London) Standard model physics with ATLAS (20 min)
15.20 B. Guerzoni (INFN, Bologna) Recent results from ALICE (25 min)
15.45 S. Kiselev (ITEP) Hadronic resonance production with the ALICE experiment in pp and Pb-Pb collisions at LHC energies (15 min)
16.00 A. Bizzeti (Modena Univ. & INFN Sezione di Firenze) Kaon decays at NA48 (20 min)
16.20 P. Krizan (Ljubljana Univ.) The Belle II experiment (25 min)

16.45 – 17.10         Tea break

Chairman: Peter Krizan

17.10 A. Haesler (Geneva Univ.) Hadro-production measurements in NA61/SHINE for the precise T2K neutrino flux prediction (15 min)
17.35 T. Czopowicz (Warsaw Univ. of Techn.) Results from NA61 ion program (15 min)
17.40 O. Steinkamp (Phys. Inst., Zurich Univ.) CP violation and rare decays at LHCb (25 min)
18.05 A. Popov (IHEP) Rare decays at LHCb (15 min)
18.20 I. Polyakov (ITEP) B decays to charmonia at LHCb (15 min)
18.35 A. Artamonov (IHEP) Quarkonia production at LHCb (15 min)

28 August, Wednesday


09.00 – 13.30         MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

Chairman: Lutz Bornschein

09.00 V. Mokeev (Jefferson Lab & SINP MSU) Excited nucleon state structure from the studies of exclusive meson electroproduction with the CLAS detector at Jefferson Lab (20 min)
09.20 M. Greco (Univ. of Rome-3) On the frozen QCD coupling (20 min)
09.40 A. Papa (Paul Scherrer Inst.) The existence of the μ+ → e+γ decay from Pontecorvo to date: new constraint by the MEG experiment (25 min)
10.05 S. Karshenboim (MPQ & Pulkovo Observ.) Recent progress in determination of the fundamental constants (25 min)

10.30 – 11.00         Tea break

Chairman: Andrey Kataev

11.00 Y. Oksuzian (Virginia Univ.) Latest results from Tevatron (25 min)
11.25 M. Tokarev (JINR) Self-similarity of jet and Top-quark production at Tevatron and LHC (15 min)
11.40 U. Schneekloth (DESY) Two-photon exchange in electron proton scattering - status of the OLYMPUS experiment at DESY (25 min)
12.05 S. Ivanov (IHEP) Accelerator complex U-70 of IHEP-Protvino: status and prospects for upgrade (25 min)
12.30 M. Nozaki (KEK) The International Linear Collider - from design to reality (25 min)

12.55 S. Salikhov (Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and Science of Russia)
International cooperation with World research centers to study fundamental properties of matter (15 min)

13.30 – 15.00             Lunch

"Exciting neutrino:
from Pauli, Fermi and Pontecorvo to nowadays prospects"
(Conference Hall)

Chairman: Veniamin Berezinsky

15.00 E. Akhmedov(Max Planck Inst. for Nucl. Phys., Heidelberg) Neutrino oscillations and oscillation coherence (25 min)
15.25 R. Nichol(UCL) Radio detection of high energy neutrinos and cosmic rays (20 min)
15.45 P. Spillantini (INFN, Florence) Cosmogenic neutrinos detection (20 min)

16.05 – 16.30         Tea break

16.30 S. Zavatarelli (INFN, Genoa) Geo-neutrinos (25 min)
16.55 A. Starobinsky (Landau Inst. for Theor. Phys. RAS) Sterile neutrinos, cosmology and modified gravity (25 min)
17.20 C. Giunti (INFN, Turin) Neutrino masses and mixing (25 min)


"The Intelligentsia and Ideology"
(Conference Hall)

Chairman: Alexander Studenikin

18.00 J. Bleimaier (Princeton) The intelligentsia and social movements (25 min)


Closing of the 16th Lomonosov Conferenceon Elementary Particle Physics
and the 10th International Meeting on Problems of Intelligentsia



V. Bagrov, V. Bordovitsyn, E. Nemchenko (Tomsk State Univ.) Torque radiation profiles from pulsars
V. Dokuchaev, Yu. Eroshenko (INR RAS) Stationary quantum states of the Dirac fermions in the Reissner-Nordstrom metrics
Yu. Dumin (MSU) Instability of the close Keplerian orbits caused by the Dark Energy
D. Ejlli (INFN, Ferrara & APC, Paris) Particle production at the post recombination epoch
A. Polyarush (INR RAS) The inclusive production of the meson resonances in neutrino-nucleus charged current (CC) interactions
M. Re Fiorentin (Southampton Univ.) The N2-dominated scenario in leptogenesis