Total (129)

Neutrino Physics (46)

S.Gershtein (IHEP, Protvino) a talk dedicated to Bruno Pontecorvo (TBC)

M. Goodman (Argone Nat. Lab.) Neutrino Physics in 2020

M. Zralek (Univ. of  Selesia) Attempts to explain the neutrino masses and mixing

R. Cerulli (INFN, Gran Sasso) Recent results on the searches for double beta decay processes

L. Bornschein (Karlsruhe Inst. of Technology) Status of KATRIN 

F. Piquemal (CENBG, France)  on behalf of Nemo/SuperNemo collaboration TBA

M. Malek (Imperial College, London) Results from T2K

A. Bettini (Canfranc Underground Lab.) Are neutrinos completely neutral particles?

A. Rubbia (ETH, Zurich) LAGUNA/LBNO project

S. Turck-Chieze (CEA, France) Solar neutrinos and helioseismology

P. Spillantini (INFN, Florence) Cosmogenic neutrinos detection

A. Starobinsky (Landau Inst., Moscow) Sterile neitrinos, cosmology and modified gravity

S. Pakvasa (Hawaii Pacific University) Depletion of high energy astrophysics muon-neutrinos (TBC) 

S. Dye (Hawaii Pacific Univ.) Geo-neutrinos

A. Ereditato (CERN) Liquid argon TPCs for future neutrino oscillation experiments

G. Bellini (INFN, Milan) Neutrinos from the Sun and from the Earth: what we understood

in the last ten years

C. Garay (Inst. de Fisica Corpuscular) Solar Neutrinos and the Solar Abundances Problem

Y. Suzuki (Univ. of Tokio) Super-Kamiokande Experiment

S. Parke (Fermi National Accelerator Lab.) Precision measurements of theta_23 and the accuracy of delta_CP

T. Lasserre (CEA, Saclay) TBA

C. Giunti (INFN, Turin) Sterile neutrinos

A. Guglielmi (INFN, Padua) ICARUS talk (TBA)

G. Domogatsky (INR, Baikal) TBA

V. Gavrin (INR, SAGE coll.) TBA

T. Kobayashi (KEK, Japan) Neutrino long baseline accelerator experiments

A. Smirnov (INR, Moscow & ICTP, Trieste) TBC

E. Akhmedov (Max-Plank-Inst., Heidelberg) Neutrino oscillations and oscillation coherence

S. Wojcicki (Stanford Univ.) Results from MINOS

T. Weiler (Vanderbilt Univ.) Broken ν_mu-ν_tau Symmetry and Cosmic Neutrino Flavor Ratios

P. Bernardini (Univ. del Salento) Search for Sterile Neutrinos with the NESSiE detector

Z. Xing (Chinese Academy of Sciences) From Lepton Flavor Mixing to Neutrino-Antineutrino Oscillations

C. Spiering (DESY) High Energy Neutrino Astrophysics

A. Damanik (Sanata Dharma Univ.) $\mu-\tau$ Symmmetry, nonzero $\theta_{13}$, and CP violation

C. Spiering (DESY) IceCube talk (TBA)

C. Gonzalez-Garcia (ICREA, Univ. of Barcelona & YITP, Stony Brook Univ.) Neutrino Masses and Mixing

J. Shirai (Tohoku Univ.) The status of KamLAND-Zen for neutrinoless double beta decay of 136Xe

A. Barabash (ITEP) Review of double beta decay experiments

L. Bezrukov (INR RAS) GERDA experiment - results and status  

P. Sizin (MSMU) Plasmon decay to a neutrino pair via neutrino electromagnetic moments in a strongly magnetized medium

On behalf of GEMMA Coll. (ITEP - JINR) Upper bound on neutrino magnetic moment (TBA)

A. Stuidenikin (MSU & JINR) Short review on neutrino electromagnetic properties (TBA)

O. Kharlanov (MSU) Peculiar seasoning in the day-night asymmetry: where and when to look for spices?

N. Kitagawa (Nagoya Univ.) OPERA talk

S. Dmitrievsky (JINR) OPERA talk

D. Lhuillier (CEA Saclay) Search of sterile neutrinos in very short-baseline reactor and source experiments

V. Kravtsov (Southern Methodist Univ.) Neutrino oscillation physics at the NOvA experiment 

 Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology (33)

R. Bernabei (INFN & Univ. of Rome-2) New results from DAMA/LIBRA

A. Dolgov (INFN, Ferrara) TBA

V. Berezinsky (LNGS, INFN) Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays

V. Rubakov (INR RAS & MSU) TBC

A. Zakharov (ITEP) The Galactic Center as a laboratory for alternative theories of gravity and new physics

R. Mandolesi (INAF-IASF) PLANCK talk

R. Battiston (Univ. of Trento) Cosmic Ray Physics with  AMS on the ISS 

P. Picozza (INFN & Univ. of Rome-2) PAMELA talk (TBC)

I. Moskalenko (Stanford Univ.) Fermi at Five - Some highlights from Fermi Large Area Telescope

H. Wong (Academia Sinica) Low Energy Neutrino and Dark Matter Physics with sub-keV Germanium Detectors

G. Vasileiadis (Univ. Montpellier II) Status of the H.E.S.S. telescope

A. Morselli (INFN Roma Tor Vergata) Search for dark matter in the Sky with ongoing and planned experiment

P. Di Bari (Univ. of Southampton) Leptogenesis and low energy neutrino data

F. Reindl (Max-Planck-Inst.) Status Update on the CRESST Dark Matter Search

S. Katsanevas (CERN) Astroparticle physics

W. Rau (Queen's Univ.) Review talk on WIMPs (TBA)

R. Nichol (Royal Society Univ.) Radio detection of high energy neutrinos and cosmic ray (TBA)

A. Kish (Univ. of Zurich) Dark Matter Searches with the XENON Experiment

N. Fornengo (INFN, Turin) Indirect searches of dark matter (cosmic and gamma rays, radio signal, correlations)

J.-P. Chieze (CEA) A new mechanism for the deflagration to detonation transition in Type Ia supernovae

S. Vernov (MSU) Reconstruction procedure in cosmological models with nonminimally coupling scalar fields

S. Mandal (Asia Pacific Center For Theor. Phys.) Correlation of Linear Quasar Polarization : ALPs Revisited

A. Singh (LNMIIT) Time Evolution of Dark Energy Field Configurations and Spherically Symmetric Gravitational Collapse of Dark Energy

A. Burinskii (NSI RAS) Superstring structures in the four-dimensional Kerr-Schild geometry

I. Mandel (Univ. of Birmingham) Astrophysics, Cosmology and Fundamental Physics with ground-based gravitational-wave detectors

E. Arbuzova (JINR & Novosibirsk State Univ.) Modified gravity at large curvatures

V. Bagrov, V. Bordovitsyn, E. Nemchenko (Tomsk State Univ.) Torque Radiation Profiles from Pulsars

S. Demidov (INR RAS) Dark Matter searches at Baksan Underground Scintillator Telescope

S. Hannestad (Aarhus Univ.) Lepton asymmetry in the early universe and the thermalization of sterile neutrinos

V. Dokuchaev (INR RAS) Spin of the supermassive black hole in the Galactic center

J. Lavalle (Montpellier Univ.) Cosmic rays talk (TBA)

I. Lyashko (INR RAS) The measurements of the yield of neutrons generated by horizontal muons in the LVD detector

M. Branchesi (Urbino University) Electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave transients (TBA)

Physics at Accelerators and Studies in SM and beyond (22)

U. Schneekloth (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Two-Photon Exchange in Electron Proton Scattering - Status of the OLYMPUS Experiment at DESY

M. Yamaguchi (Tohoku Univ.) Supersymmetric models with 125 GeV Higgs

P. Krizan (Univ. of Ljubljana) The Belle II experiment

R. Rahmat (Univ. of Mississippi) CMS Overview

S. Choudhury (DESY) Results on Higgs Boson search at CMS

A. Mohammadi (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles) Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson decaying to a pair of taus

L. Pernie (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles) ZZ cross section measurements and limits on anomalous coupling constants for neutral triple gauge boson

Y. Oksuzian (Univ. of Virginia) Lates­­­t results from Tevatron

S. Ivanov (IHEP) Accelerator Complex U-70 of IHEP-Protvino: Status and Prospects for Upgrade

L. Benucci (Ghent Univ.) Top quark physics at the CMS

T. Reis (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles) Searches for new massive resonances decaying to leptons at CMS  

A. Polyarush (INR RAS) The inclusive production of the meson resonances rho0(770), f0(980), f2(1270) in neutrino-nucleus charged current (CC) interactions

M. Tokarev (JIN­­­R) Self-similarity of Jet and Top-quark Production  at Tevatron and LHC

R. St. Denis (Glasgow Univ.) Higgs at LHC

I. Gorbunov (JINR) Measurement of the Drell-Yan differential cross-section and forward-backward asymmetry  in pp collisions at 7 TeV with the CMS detector

S. Kabana (SUBATECH) We will present selected highlights from the STAR experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC)

P. Lukin (Budker Inst. of Nuclear Physics) Recent Results from CMD-3 detector

B. Guerzoni (INFN Bologna) ALICE talk (TBA)

T. Nilsson (Chalmers Univ. of Technology) The FAIR facility

N. Saito (KEK) J-PARC talk (TBA)

M. Nozaki (High Energy Accelerator Research Org.) The International Linear Collider -From Design to Reality-

O. Lukina (SINP MSU) ZEUS talk (TBA)

CP Violation and Rare Decays (5)

L. Piilonen (Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ.) Recent Results from Belle

A. Bizzeti (Univ. of Florence) NA48 talk (TBA)

V. Duk (INFN - Univ. of Perugia) Recent results from NA62 

A. Papa (Paul Scherrer Inst.) The existence of the μ+ → e+γ decay from Pontecorvo to date: new constraint by the MEG experiment

V. Belov (FSBI SSC RF ITEP) EXO-200 results

Hadron Physics (6)

On behalf of NICA Coll. (JINR) NICA talk (TBC)

O. Steinkamp (Univ. of Zurich) LHCb talk (TBA)

A. Aparin (JINR) Self-similarity of High-pT Cumulative Hadron Production in pA Collisions

M. Greco (Univ. of Rome-3) (TBA)

A. Nesterenko (JINR) Hadronic vacuum polarization function in the framework of dispersive approach to QCD

A. Haesler (Univ. of Geneva) Hadro-Production measurements in NA61/SHINE for the precise T2K neutrino flux prediction

New Developments in Quantum Field Theory (16)

A. Slavnov (Steklov Math. Inst. & MSU) (TBA)

V. Belokurov (MSU) Quantum restoration of broken symmetries

V.Novikov (ITEP) TBA

N. Mankoc Borstnik (Univ. of Ljubljana) Do we have the explanation for the families of quarks and leptons, for their masses and mixing matrices, for the gauge vector fields and their properties, for the scalar Higgs and Yukawa couplings?

V. Dvoeglazov (Universidad de Zacatecas) Notoph-Graviton-Photon Coupling

S. Karshenboim (MPQ & Pulkovo observatory) Recent progress in determination of the fundamental constants

R. Shrock (Stony Brook Univ.) Higher-Loop Calculations of UV to IR Evolution of Gauge Theories

V. Khandramai (Gomel State Technical Univ.) QCD Calculations with ``FAPT'' Package

V. Gogohija (Inst. for Part. Nucl. Phys. HAS) The theory of the Mass Gap

M. Chavleishvili (Int. Univ. Dubna & JINR) Puzzle of high energy pp-scattering. Helicity conservation from perturbative qcd or kinematic hierarchy?

M. Polikarpov (ITEP) Graphene as quantum field theory

R. Nevzorov (ITEP) Phenomenology of the NMSSM Higgs Bosons in the Low Fine-Tuning Region

V. Braguta (ITEP) A calculation of the transport coefficient in SU(2) gluodynamics

Y. Eroshenko (INR) Stationary quantum states of the Dirac fermions in the Reissner-Nordstrom metrics

K. Zhukovsky (MSU) Planar Undulator Performance and Harmonic Generation in a Constant Magnetic Field

A. Kataev (INR RAN) , K. Stepanyants (MSU) The renomalization scheme producing the NSVZ beta-function for N=1 SQED regularized by higher derivatives