Moscow, 18 24 August, 2011



Under the Patronage of the Rector

of the Moscow State University

Victor Sadovnichy



International Advisory Committee


E.Akhmedov (Max Plank, Heidelberg), S.Belayev (Kurchatov Inst., Moscow), V.Belokurov (MSU), V.Berezinsky (LNGS, Gran Sasso), S.Bilenky (JINR, Dubna), J.Bleimaier (Princeton), M.Danilov (ITEP, Moscow), G.Diambrini-Palazzi (Univ. of Rome), A.Dolgov (INFN, Ferrara & ITEP, Moscow), N.Fornengo (INFN, Turin), C.Giunti (INFN, Turin), M.Itkis (JINR, Dubna), V.Kadyshevsky (JINR, Dubna), A.Logunov (IHEP, Protvino), A.Masiero (INFN, Padua), V.Matveev (INR, Moscow), L.Okun (ITEP, Moscow), M.Panasyuk (MSU), V.Rubakov (INR, Moscow), D.Shirkov (JINR, Dubna), J.Silk (Univ. of Oxford), A.Skrinsky (INP, Novosibirsk), A.Slavnov (MSU & Steklov Math. Inst.), A.Smirnov (ICTP, Trieste & INR, Moscow), P.Spillantini (INFN, Florence), A.Starobinsky (Landau Inst., Moscow), V.Trukhin (MSU)


Organizing Committee


I.Balantsev (MSU), V.Bagrov (Tomsk Univ.), V.Bednyakov (JINR, Dubna), V.Braginsky (MSU), A.Egorov (ICAS), D.Galtsov (MSU), A.Grigoriev (MSU), S.Kapitza (EAPS), A.Kataev (INR, Moscow), A.Lokhov scientific secretary (MSU), O.Lunkova (ICAS), V.Mikhailin (MSU & ICAS), N.Nikiforova (MSU), A.Nikishov (Lebedev Phys. Inst., Moscow), V.Ritus (Lebedev Phys. Inst., Moscow), M.Polyakova (ICAS), Yu.Popov (MSU), V.Savrin (MSU), A.Studenikin (MSU & ICAS) chairman, I.Tokarev scientific secretary (MSU)



Organizers and Sponsors


Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University

Ministry of Education and Science of Russia

Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Institute for Nuclear Research of Russian Academy of Sciences

Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University

Bruno Pontecorvo Neutrino and Astrophysics Laboratory (MSU)

Interregional Center for Advanced Studies







Programme of the 15th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics

/duration of talks includes 5 minutes for discussion/


18 August, Thursday


08.00 09.00 Registration (Auditorium 1-31, Faculty of Physics,

Moscow State University)


09.00 09.15 Opening (Conference Hall)


A.Studenikin, Chairman of Organizing Committee (MSU & JINR),

Vice Dean of Faculty of Physics of MSU

V.Belokurov, Vice Rector of Moscow State University

A.Slavnov, Head of Department of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Physics of MSU

M.Itkis, Acting Director of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research



09.15 13.25 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Mikhail Itkis


09.15 P.Jenni (CERN) Roadmap for Discoveries at the LHC, History and Prospects (30 min)

09.45 M.Titov (CEA Saclay, IRFU/SPP) Higgs Searches at Tevatron (25 min)

10.10 A.Cheplakov (JINR) ATLAS status and latest results (20 min)

10.30 V.Gavrilov (ITEP) New results from CMS (20 min)


10.50 11.20 Tea break


Chairman: Victor Savrin

11.20 A.Soffer (Tel Aviv Univ.) Recent results from BaBar (25 min)

11.45 A.Bevan (Queen Mary Univ. of London) The SuperB project (25 min)

12.10 A.Litvinenko (JINR) The NICA/MPD project at JINR (25 min)

12.35 S.Levonian (DESY) Recent results from HERA (25 min)

13.00 A.Slavnov (MIRAN & MSU) Electroweak interactions without Gribov ambiguities (25 min)


13.25 15.00 Lunch


15.00 18.30 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Yuri Kudenko


15.00 A.Ereditato (Univ. of Bern) Tau appearance with the OPERA experiment (25 min)

15.25 V.Gavrin (INR, Moscow) Opportunities of SAGE with artificial neutrino source for investigation of active-sterile transitions (25 min)

15.50 A.Guglielmi (INFN, Padova) ICARUS: present and future (25 min)

16.15 P.Fiziev, D.Shirkov (JINR) A new look at some general puzzles of Universe

(25 min)


16.40 17.00 Tea break


Chairman: Belen Gavela


17.00 M.Cirelli (CERN) Dark Matter Indirect (and Direct) Detection phenomenology: a status assessment (25 min)

17.25 A.Cherepashchuk (Sternberg Astr. Inst., MSU) Black holes in X-rays binary systems (25 min)

17.50 F.Simkovic (JINR & Bratislava) Matrix Elements for Double Beta Decay (20 min)

18.10 E.Akhmedov (Max-Planck-Inst., Heidelberg & Kurchatov Ins.) Neutrino oscillations in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory (20 min)


19.00 23.30 SPECIAL SESSION (40 0)

Reception banquet will be held on board of a ship that will stream along the river across the central part of Moscow; the conference buses to the ship will depart from the entrance to the Faculty of Physics at 18.50


19 August, Friday


09.00 13.35 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Alberto Guglielmi


09.00 A.Izmaylov (INR, Moscow) New oscillation results from the T2K
(25 min)

09.25 M.Ieva (IFAE, Barcelona) T2K non-oscillation physics with near detectors (25 min)

09.50 C.White (Illinois Inst. of Techn.) Theta_13 and the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment (25 min)

10.15 W.Huelsnitz (Los Alamos Nat. Lab.) Recent Results and Implications from MiniBooNE (25 min)

10.40 L.Bornschein (Karlsruhe Inst. of Techn.) Tritium-beta-decay Experiments - The direct way to the absolute neutrino mass (25 min)


11.05 11.35 Tea break


Chairman: Alexander Barabash


11.35 N.Barros (Tech. Univ. Dresden) Final results from SNO and prospects for future SNO+ experiment (25 min)

12.00 E.Litvinovich (Kurchatov Inst.) Solar neutrino studies with Borexino (25 min)

12.25 Y.Obayashi (Kamioka Observatory) Recent results from Super-Kamiokande (20 min)

12.45 Y.Obayashi (Kamioka Observatory) Next generation water Cherenkov detector Hyper-K (20 min)

13.05 O.Ryazhskaya (INR RAS) Search for neutrino flux from collapsing stars (25 min)


13.30 15.00 Lunch


15.00 19.10 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Antonio Ereditato


15.00 E.Strahler (VUB-ELEM, Brussels) Latest Results from the IceCube Neutrino Telescope (25 min)

15.25 M.Anghinolfi (INFN, Genoa) The Antares underwater neutrino telescope (25 min)

15.50 E.Shirokov (MSU) The KM3Net project (15 min)

16.05 A.Kozlov (Tokyo Univ.) Towards the KamLAND-Zen experiment (25 min)

16.30 A.Barabash (ITEP) The Majorana double beta decay experiment: present status (20 min)

16.50 A.Studenikin (MSU) New constraints on neutrino magnetic moment (10 min)




17.00 17.30 Tea break











Chairman: Anatoly Shabad


17.30 S.Sukhotin (Kurchatov Inst.) Status of the DoubleChooz experiment (20 min)

17.50 S.T. Lin (Inst. of Phys., Academia Sinica, Taipei) Low energy neutrino and dark matter physics with sub-keV germanium detector (20 min)

18.10 K.Fomenko (LNGS - INFN & JINR) Study of rare processes with the Borexino detector (20 min)

18.30 A.Lokhov (MSU) Spin light of neutrino in plasma (10 min)

18.40 C.Tarazona, R.Diaz Sanchez, J.Morales (National Univ. of Colombia) Contribution of the form factors of neutrinos from the burden of a Higgs doublet model with two Higgs (10 min)

18.50 A.Borisov (MSU), B.Kerimov (late), P.Sizin (Moscow St. Mining Univ.) Neutrino emission from a strongly magnetized degenerate electron gas: the Compton mechanism via a neutrino magnetic moment (10 min)

19.00 A.Kuznetsov (Yaroslavl St. Univ.) Neutrino-triggered asymmetric magnetorotational pulsar natal kick (cherry-stone shooting mechanism) (10 min)




19.30 22.30 Sight-seeing bus excursion in Moscow

20 August, Saturday

09.00 13.35 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Marco Cirelli


09.00 E.Nardi (LNF INFN) Selected issues in Leptogenesis (25 min)

09.25 D.Gorbunov (INR RAS) Sterile neutrinos and cosmology (25 min)

09.50 H.Gast (Max-Planck-Inst., Heidelberg) Recent results of the High Energy Stereoscopic System (H.E.S.S.) (25 min)

10.15 S.Germani (INFN-Perugia) Fermi Large Area Telescope science highlights (20 min)

10.35 R.Bernabei (Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata) Particle dark matter (25 min)


11.00 11.30 Tea break


Chairman: Marco Cirelli


11.30 A.Dolgov (INFN-Ferrara & ITEP) Relic gravitational waves from primordial black holes (25 min)

11.55 E.Alvarez (Univ. of Madrid) Vacuum energy decay (20 min)

12.15 V.Dokuchaev (INR RAS) Life inside black holes (15 min)

12.30 V.Berezinsky (LNGS-INFN), V.Dokuchaev, Yu.Eroshenko (INR RAS) Superdense dark matter clumps from nonstandard perturbations (15 min)

12.45 M.Savina (JINR) Search for Microscopic Black Hole signatures in the CMS Experiment (15 min)

13.00 Y.Kuno (Osaka Univ.) Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation (25 min)

13.25 K.Nozari (Univ. of Mazandaran) Noncommutative Braneworld Inflation (10 min)


13.35 15.00 Lunch


15.00 18.30 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Alexander Dolgov


15.00 M.Vasiliev (Lebedev Phys.Inst.) Higher-spin interactions (20 min)

15.20 A.Nikishev (Lebedev Phys.Inst.) On the simplified tree graphs in gravity (15 min)

15.35 M.Fil'chenkov (Peop. Friend. Univ. of Rus.) Loop quantum cosmology corrections to Friedmann's model (10 min)

15.45 Yu.Dumin (IZMIRAN, Moscow) Perturbation of a planetary orbit by the dark energy (10 min)

15.55 E.Arbuzova (Univ. "Dubna") Singularities in some models of modified gravity (10 min)

16.05 A.Nesterenko (JINR) Hadronization effects in inclusive tau decay (15 min)

16.20 G.Nigmatkulov (Nat. Res. Nucl. Univ. "MEPhI") Observation of correlations of the double phi-meson system in the SELEX experiment (15 min)

16.35 P.Satunin (MSU & INR) Probes of Lorenz violation (10 min)



16.45 17.10 Tea break








Chairman: Alexander Nesterenko


17.10 K.Stepanyants (MSU) Derivation of the NSVZ beta-function in N=1 SQED regularized by higher derivatives by summation of diagrams (10 min)

17.20 Ye.Zenkevich (MSU & INR) Conbstraint on holographic technicolour (10 min)

17.30 K.Zhukovsky (MSU) Undulator radiation in periodic magnetic fields with constant component (10 min)

17.40 V.Braguta (IHEP, Protvino) Thermal Abelian monopoles as selfdual dyons (10 min)

17.50 A.Panin (INR) Dark Matter and Baryon asymmetry of the Universe from scalaron decay (10 min)

18.00 O.Kharlanov, V.Zhukovsky (MSU) Spherical Casimir effect within D=3+1 Maxwell-Chern-Simons Electrodynamics (10 min)

18.10 N.Gubina (MSU) Chiral density waves in (1+1) Gross-Neveu model (10 min)

18.20 T.Khunjua (MSU) Finite size effect in the Gross-Neveu model with isospin and barionic chemical potentials (10 min)












21 August, Sunday


9.00 19.00 Bus excursion to Sergiev Posad

22 August, Monday


09.00 13.45 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Enrique Alvarez


09.00 S.Klimenko (Univ.of Florida, on behalf of LIGO and Virgo) From Initial to Advanced LIGO and Virgo: results, challenges and prospects (25 min)

09.25 A.Starobinsky (Landau Inst. Theor. Phys.) Primordial and present dark energy in f(R) gravity (25 min)

09.50 A.Zakharov (ITEP) Constraints on a Randall-Sundrum II braneworld metric of the black hole at the Galactic Center (20 min)

10.10 C.Romero Filho (Univ. Federal da Paraiba) General Relativity and Weyl Geometry: towards a new Invariance Principle (20 min)

10.30 N.Mankoc (Univ. of Ljubliana) The ''spin-charge-family-theory'', which offers the mechanism for generating families, predicts the fourth family, explains the origin of the dark matter, and offers answers to other open questions (25 min)

10.55 B.Gavela (UAM, Madrid) The Scalar Potential of Minimal Flavour Violation (25 min)


11.20 11.40 Tea break


Chairman: Yury Kudenko


11.40 Z.Djurcic (Argonne Nat.Lab.) NOvA Experiment (20 min)

12.00 Z.Djurcic (Argonne Nat.Lab.) DAEdALUS Experiment (20 min)

12.20 F.Pupilli (L'Aquila Univ. and INFN) Search for ντ interactions with the nuclear emulsions of the OPERA experiment (20 min)

12.40 R.Rescigno (Salerno Univ.) The Electronic Detectors of the hybrid OPERA Neutrino Experiment (20 min)

13.00 C.Solans Sanchez (Univ. of Valencia) Higgs searches at ATLAS (20 min)

13.20 T.Kobayashi (KEK) Future accelerator based neutrino experiments (25 min)


13.45 15.00 Lunch

15.00 19.05 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Ermanno Vercellin


15.00 A.Cakir (DESY) Searches for Supersymmetry with the CMS Experiment (25 min)

15.25 V.Bednyakov (JINR) Anomalously interacting extra bosons and first results of their search at LHC (20 min)

15.45 D.Tlisov (INR) Search for a heavy neutrino and right-handed W of the left-right symmetric model with CMS detector (15 min)

16.00 M.Tokarev (JINR) Jets at Tevatron and LHC (20 min)

16.20 G.Safronov (ITEP) Forward jets and forward-central jets at CMS (20 min)

16.40 A.-K.Sanchez (ETH Zurich) Measurements of forward energy flow with CMS (15 min)



16.55 17.20 Tea break






Chairman: Piero Spillantini


17.20 O.Kodolova (SINP MSU) Results from Heavy Ion Collisons in CMS (20 min)

17.40 S.Petrushanko (SINP MSU) Elliptic flow in heavy-ion collisions with the CMS detector at the LHC: first results (20 min)

18.00 A.Proskuryakov (SINP MSU) Diffraction at CMS (20 min)

18.20 L.Sarycheva (SINP MSU) Exotic Effects in Cosmic Rays and Experiments at LHC (15 min)

18.35 I.Shakiryanova (INR RAS) Supernova neutrino type identification with adding NaCl in LVD (10 min)

18.45 S.Aleshin, O.Kharlanov, A.Lobanov (MSU) Recalculation of the Day-Night Flavor Asymmetry for Solar Neutrinos (10 min)

18.55 V.Khruschov (Kurchatov Inst.) Phenomenological relations for neutrino mixing angles and masses (10 min)






23 August, Tuesday


09.00 13.35 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Mikhail Tokarev


09.00 M.Misiak (Univ. of Warsaw) Rare B meson decays theory (25 min)

09.25 E.Gushchin (INR RAS) LHCb results (20 min)

09.45 V.Balagura (CERN and ITEP) Electroweak and QCD measurements at LHCb (20 min)

10.05 P.Chang (National Taiwan Univ.) Recent Results from Belle (20 min)

10.25 T.Aushev (ITEP) Status and Prospects of SuperKEKB/Belle II (25 min)

10.50 M.Gazdzicki (Frankfurt & Kielce Univ.) Onset of deconfinement and critical point: news form NA49 and NA61 at the CERN SPS (25 min)


11.15 11.35 Tea break


Chairman: Mikolaj Misiak


11.35 A.Bizzeti (INFN-Florence) Recent results from NA48 and NA62 (30 min)

12.05 A.Shaikhiev (INR RAS) Search for heavy neutrino in rare kaon decays (15 min)

12.20 P.Krokovny (Bundek Inst. of Nuclear Physics) Search for New Physics in CP violating measurements at LHCb (15 min)

12.35 D.Savrina (SINP MSU) Search for New Physics in rare heavy flavour decays at LHCb (15 min)

12.50 M.Martemyanov (ITEP) Status and perspectives of the KLOE-2 experiment (20 min)

13.10 M.Primavera (INFN-Lecce) SUSY searches at ATLAS (25 min)



13.35 15.00 Lunch


15.00 18.50 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Andrea Bizzeti


15.00 M.Venturi (Univ. of Freiburg) Boson and Diboson production at ATLAS (25 min)

15.25 A.Khanov (Oklahoma State Univ.) Top physics with ATLAS (20 min)

15.45 J.Frost (Cambridge Univ.) Exotics searches at ATLAS (20 min)

16.05 S.Ferrag (Univ. of Glasgow) Soft QCD studies with ATLAS (20 min)

16.25 M.Delmastro (CERN) Photon and diphoton production at ATLAS (20 min)

16.45 D.Tsybychev (Stony Brook Univ.) Jets and W/Z+jets results from ATLAS (20 min)


17.05 17.30 Tea break


Chairman: Altan Cakir


17.30 D.Costanzo (Univ. of Sheffield) Monte Carlo tuning using ATLAS data (20 min)

17.50 R.Yoosoofmiya (Univ. of Pittsburgh) A search for WR and heavy neutrinos in the dileptons+jets channel in ATLAS experiment (20 min)

18.10 S.Sivoklokov (SINP MSU) Heavy Flavour production at ATLAS (LHC) (20 min)

18.30 G.Kukartsev (Brown University) QCD Studies at CMS (20 min)

24 August, Wednesday


09.00 13.30 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: Alexander Khanov


09.00 A.Alton (Univ. of Michigan) Electroweak + QCD physics with TEVATRON (25 min)

09.25 S.De Cecco (LPNHE, Paris) B physics with TEVATRON (25 min)

09.50 F.Rizatdinova (Oklahoma State Univ.) Top physics at the TEVATRON (20 min)

10.10 G.Borisov (Lancaster Univ.) Updated measurement of dimuon charge asymmetry (15 min)

10.25 G.Feofilov (St.Petersburg State Univ.) Recent ALICE results from heavy-ion collisions at the LHC (25 min)

10.50 E.Vercellin (Univ.of Turin & INFN) Proton-proton physics with the ALICE experiment at the LHC (25 min)


11.15 11.35 Tea break

Chairman: Warren Huelsnitz


11.35 V.Mostepanenko (Noncommercial Partnership "Scientific Instruments") Problems in the theory of the Casimir effect (25 min)

12.00 G.Klimchitskaya (North-West Tech. Univ.) Constraints on light elementary particles and extra dimensional physics from the Casimir effect (15 min)

12.15 V.Belokurov, E.Shavgulidze (MSU) Quantum field theory on loop space (20 min)

12.35 M.Polikarpov (ITEP) Conductivity and superconductivity of the vacuum of Lattice Gluodynamics at Strong Magnetic Fields (20 min)

12.55 M.Zubkov (ITEP) Investigation of Lattice Weinberg - Salam model (10 min)

13.05 K.Urbanowski (Univ. of Zielona Gora) Post-exponential decay of unstable particles: possible effects in particle physics and astrophysics (10 min)

13.15 T.Adorno (Univ. São Paolo), D.Gitman (Univ. Fed. do ABC, Brazil), A.Shabad (Lebedev Phys. Inst.), D.Vassilevich (St.Petersburg State Univ.) Noncommutative magnetic moment of charged particles (15 min)


13.30 15.00 Lunch



"Frontiers of particle physics:

news from high energies, neutrinos and cosmology"


Chairman: Takashi Kobayashi


15.00 P.Spillantini (Univ. of Florence) Main results from the PAMELA space experiment after 5 years in flight (25 min)

15.25 M.Lindner (Max-Planck-Inst., Heidelberg) Opportunities, challenges and potential surprises in neutrino physics (25 min)

15.50 M.Mezzetto (INFN-Padova) Recent results in neutrino physics (25 min)

16.15 F.Forti (INFN-Pisa) SuperB Status Report (20 min)

16.35 A.Gritsan (Johns Hopkins Univ.) Searches for the Higgs boson with the CMS Experiment (25 min)

17.00 Discussion


17.05 17.30 Tea break






"The Intelligentsia: Custodial of Civilization"



17.30 18.30 Conference Hall


Chairman: Alexander Studenikin


17.30. J.Bleimaier (Princeton) The Intelligentsia: Guardian of National Culture (read by the Chairman)


18.00 Discussion and conclusion


Closing of the 15th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics

and the 9th International Meeting on Problems of Intelligentsia







K.Akmarov (Nat. Inf. Univ. of Izhevsk) Solar neutrino interference

N.Gromov (KSC RAS, Syktyvkar) Contraction of lepton sector of electroweak model and neutrino

.Konstantinova (Tomsk St. Univ.) Classical spin light theory

V.Koryukin (Mari State Univ.) "Sterile" neutrinos and the extended gauge formalism

.Kosmachev (JINR) Dirac algorithm and elementary particle physics

.Nemchenko (Tomsk State Univ.) Construction of magnetopolar and curvature radiation profiles from pulsars

O.Shustova (MSU) On the spectrum of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays from expected sources